Can I use the PUSh™ process to finish my 3D Printed polymer parts? 

Yes, The University of Sheffield has successfully demonstrated the PUSh™ process at a production scale and with commercial partners with end applications including consumer footwear, dental and medical devices, and quality critical interior parts. To speak to us regarding the PUSh™ process, or to understand how it could benefit your application please contact us.

What surface roughness can be achieved?

The University of Sheffield has achieved a surface roughness Ra value of 3 microns for Nylon 12.

How long does the PUSh™ process take?

3D Printed part finishing time can be significantly reduced using the PUSh™ process compared to existing techniques.

The PUSh™ process has now been developed into a scalable automated manufacturing solution with Additive Manufacturing Technologies. Please contact us should you wish to be involved with the BETA testing of the automated solution.

Can the PUSh™ process be automated?

PUSh™ has been proven on the following commercially available materialsNylon 12 (PA2200, DuraForm® PA), Nylon 11 (DuraForm® EX Natural, DuraForm® EX Black), TPU, TPE-210 elastomer. In addition PUSh™ has been tested on a number of proprietary materials. Should you have a material that you would like to have assessed for suitability, then please contact us.

What polymers has the PUSh™ process been proven to work on?

Yes, Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Can you process a sample part for me?